Tuesday, November 29, 2005

An average Tuesday.

So I Decided to list some things I do on an average Tuesday, inorder for you to get to know me better.
  • Today we got up late 5:20 am ( normal ) My teen hates getting up. She really is a good kid but she is just not a morning person.
  • She got ready for her day, and was on time for her ride but of coarse after my nagging the carpool was late. (great makes me look stupid)
- let me give you some back ground. She is in the top west coast marching band, so she has to take an extra class in the morning, to make up for the two hours of band during the school day, also she goes to seminary before school. Which means her school day starts a 6am.
  • Well my 22 month old adores her sister and has to be UP with her so we are all up and we have to bundle up. ( yes it gets cold in CA) I walk Chrissy outside and wait for the car, ( I'm paranoid, I have to be sure she is safe, plus its still dark at 545am).
  • Yuck, We see a possum!! (wth) we live in a semi suburb how'd a possum get here? oh well Explains the cat food mystery. For me I will say "what the heck" instead of wt...
  • Back in the house give baby - kix and milk, settle in to watch sesame street, that's my baby's fav, we sometimes watch 3 xs a day. We also watch Dora the explorer, Oobi ( dont ask), Little bear, Franklin, And let's not forget THE WIGGLES-- These guys saved my life. Well at least my sanity. You can check out www.noggin.com to see the complete line up.
  • I turn on the computer check the news, email, and the BLOGS. I am so addicted. Crunk and disorderly ( www.crunktastical.blogspot.com ) is my FAV.
  • Well around 945am baby falls back asleep, so I clean up the house, make my dad something to eat and vacum.
  • At 11:00 my Visiting teacher comes over, I am not crazy, this is something we do in our church everyone is some ones VT. I have 4 poeple I go visit with my friend, Andrea. We visit poeple so if they need something we can find out and help as well as poeple who may be lonely or sick and other wise no on would have know. It is done on a monthly basis. She left at 11:40, I make lunch.
  • My dad wakes up & comes in the living rm, watches the news. ( He is on the liver transplant list)
  • around 12:15 baby wakes ups want to nurse I am trying to cut back so I try to distract her with some milk in a cup.
  • 1pm lights go out ( it's raining here ) My dad's friend stops by so we all go to starbucks for hot chocolate. YUM (Yippe; me, 2 old guys and a baby in starbucks, you do the math)
  • Pick up some soup from safeway.com their soup is great!
  • 3pm go home wait for the teen to get home. ( she had detention B/C she is always late for something) ok lights where are you.
  • go check on the nieghbor kids whose parents are at work, their fine.
  • I also talk to Andrea on and off through out the day. She has two boys 2 and 4 as well as a 3 yr old nephew she wathches, we can vent to each other. :) She also watches noggin!
  • 340 LIGHTS thank goodness
  • 355 Chrissy comes home, finally some help with the baby! see durning this whole day I have the worlds most demanding baby, asking me for milk (mommys). And running from me in all the stores. not to mention she love the rain so she does not want to go inside any where, she want to "plaay peas" in the rain.
  • I almost forgot my estranged husband- called to tell me about working at a bank and so on. Hope it works out for him, I could use the money :)
  • It's 5 30and my girls are painting their nails ( baby always has to be entertained)
  • Well my teen wants to go on her www.myspace.com so I have to give up the internet for awhile.
Well now, I can go make dinner and reclean the house.
Hope this gives you some insight into my life, well a dull day in my life. This just means tomorrow will have DRA-ma!-- HOPE NOT