Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New New New

Well I have been making alot of changes since my Dad passed away, I like some, some I do not like.

I think it is hard for people when you change, I guess they don't know what to do because they are used to the same old you and then all of a sudden you are doing different things. I don't know and I don't want to point out anyone imparticular. Lets just say people are changing.

So I have two interviews this week. They both sound cool and they both are a little more then what I was looking to make so that is cool! We shall see, wish me luck. I want to make the right choice and not just go with the money cuz later you can really regret that.

I also have to go look at preschools, My daughter is getting excited, every day she tells me I wanna go to school. She is already so smart and talking like she is 4 years old. We went to her doctor on friday and the doctor said she is very advanced and will likely be ahead in school.
Every mother likes to hear that. The funny part is she hates going to nursery at church, well let explain she loves going as long as I go also. Her Dr recommend I stay home with her for at least 3 mos, as she just lost her granpa. but I told her the longest I could most likely stay home is until, the end of Aug.

So My FEH* is going to mississppi, to look into some job opportunites working with the Katrina reconstrution, I hope he gets something good. I am all for higher pay cuz it equals higher child support. LOL (in the evil tone)

My best friend said he is planing on moving back to the bay area in the next year (yea) he said is tired of arizona.
(although it has been hot as ---- this week us folks in the bay area are not used to 100+ weather for days on end. including an awful 107!!! on saturday!!!

I almost forgot I recieved 3 cds this past week
India arie - luv it!
Mariah (no explaination needed)

FEH = Future Ex-Husband

p.s. married guy got the point and has not called!

ok I gotta go read some blogs

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Randomness at its finest!!!!!

well on tuesday I went to lunch with my (husband) we went to chilis. Then we went to the movies he wanted to see superman and I didnt care what we saw well 10 mins into the movie I had to leave cuz baby was commenting on everything. so we (me and baby) went and watched Cars, it was very cute. (husband) stayed and watched superman. I guess he liked it. it is hot as ... so baby and I went to walmart I think everybody and their mother was there. My older daughter is at summer camp so it is just me and the baby. she is a handful for one person!! I went and picked up my dads cremated remains on monday that was odd. i got so lost it was funny I had to ask some guy what city I was in (It was albany) any who I met this guy (yadayadayada) gave him my # 1st time I have done that since me and hubby split, he called me on wedensday and guess what turns out hes married -bye bye to him, what is up with mens these days! I went to Frys Electronics on wed that place is so cool me and my mom where there for 3 hours! I got 2 Mariah carey cds , I have to replace my scrached ones. yes I love mariah that much, to rebuy her cds!!!! I am playing her rianbow cd right now. I tried to put this post up last night but baby threw up 2 times. she feels better now. My older one snuck and called from camp she was 7000 ft up on the top of a mountain they had hiked up the night before and slept and where hiking back down today (must be her white side cuz u know us folks don't hike or sleep in mountians) LOL Happy friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would say dont do any thing I wouldn't do but then you would have nothing to do, so instead live it up!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

My Birthday

My Birthday was on Saturday.

It was a fun day. My friend Andrea, had to go to a wedding so she brought my gifts over on friday and I was able to open them a little early. She gave me a purse vase, I have started a collection, a box of sees' truffles, a set of bath and shower gels, a poofy (thats what I call it but it's really called a mesh sponge) and some cute scrapbooking embellishments, as well as a gift card to walmart, the girl is setting the bar high, but at least I have until november to get her gift together.

Now my freind Joanna, took my girls and I, out to lunch at my fav. resturaunt which is a big deal be cause she cannot stand this place, she does not like fish and it is a sushi place. Her husband and kids also came. It is called Todai. She also gave me a purse with matching coin purse and make up bag and a really cutepowder brush it is like pretty big and has shimmer body powder in it,as well as some bath and body works cucumber melon shaving gel, with razors, I used it this morning!Lunch was fun I ate so much sushi and laughed it was good.

I think my friends spoiled me because, they know my dad always would, I got some calls and a couple more offers of lunch this week, so uknow I will be enjoying that. Tonight my friend Vince brought me over a cake.

I am never going to lose any pounds! oh well! I put some new pics up on the flicker, including bday pics. check em out.

The 2 pics are my gifts and my cute shoes.