Saturday, April 29, 2006


Well Dad you made it another year, and even though I may get fustrated and tired I am glad you are my daddy and that you are here with us. Happy Birthday let's do it again next year!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My new shows

So I like this new show;
It is called King of Cars.
Its on Bravo.
Its about this young guy who has the #1 car dealership in Las Vegas.
It is a reality show.
I think it comes on Tuesdays.
I added new pictures to my flicker... Including Easter, Grandpas Hospital stay and My princesses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

In the midst of ...

I am potty training right now so I have to tell you last night my little one stopped playing took off her pants and went poopys on her potty, with out being asked or with telling anyone it was so exciting I have been telling her if she goes poopy on the potty I will give her a dollar, so after all the hoopla, she ask "wheres my dolla" I gave it to her she has been carring it all day. Have you seen the comercial with david spade where he says "whats in you wallet?" Well the other day little one says "no I have money in my wallet." It was too funny! She is also telling knock knock jokes they are not very funny they consist of knock knock, who's there, banana, banana who, apple. you can insert any word into this sentence, she thinks its funny!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

Since it is Easter, I thought I would look up a few Easter Symbols:

The Easter Hare:
Germany- Once upon a time there was a woman who loved children and hid easter eggs in her garden for them. As the children searched for the eggs they saw a hare hopping by and thought he had left the eggs for them. Now German children make nests for the Easter Eggs. In America, the Easter Bunny brings eggs and other treats in baskets.
The Lamb:
Jesus is associated with the paschal lamb in the Exodus story. The blood of the Passover lamb caused the angel of death to "pass over" the Israelites. John the Baptist calls Jesus "The Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world" (John 1:29).
The Egg:
The shell can be seen as a nurturing, life giving tomb. The hatching chick represents Christ emerging from the tomb. The resurrection symbolism of the egg is enhanced by the legend of the phoenix.
The Resurrection of Jesus
The universal resurrection became a reality with the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (see Matt. 27:52-­53). On the third day after His death and burial, Jesus came forth out of the tomb. He appeared to several men and women, and then to the assembled Apostles.
The Book of Mormon:
Another Testament of Jesus Christ records the experience of hundreds who saw the risen Lord in person and touched Him, feeling the prints of the nails in His hands and feet and thrusting their hands into His side. The Savior invited a multitude to have this experience "one by one" (3 Ne. 11:15) so that they could know that He was "the God of Israel, and the God of the whole earth, and [had] been slain for the sins of the world" (3 Ne. 11:14).
Have a wonderful Easter!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sorry Blog, I have been neglecting you.

My name is pink_princess7873 and I have zero days... I am so addicted to Ebay it is not even funny I swear it is all I think about. I even dream about ebay. I am buying and selling.

I have had to force myself to go to bed and in the morning I have to check my bids.

I even make sure to be home in time to get that last minute bid in.

Between that and mary kay, I have been neglecting my blog. I think up things I want to write about but then that pesky ebay link calls my name.

I did get out side, They opened up a WINGSTOP, by my house, now I have never been a wing fan cuz I am like why eat a wing, when you can have a breast. All the meat with out the work. Plus my dad was always antiwing, he prides himself on not eating "certain" foods - including wings, chitlins, pig ears, catfish, you get the idea. BUT.. Wingstop is yummy, I have the original and the hawiian, (you can mix the flavors in the order) I am going to have to force myself not to go there, because those are some serious calories. (but so good)

Today I went to:
Joanna's house
highschool (pick up daughter)
Wells Fargo
church (to drop off my daughter)

Was that enough places for one day.

Well American Idol was ok I thought Ace should have gone home, Bucky sang better.
I still like Chirs.

Ok I guess I will go to bed now even though I want to go on ebay.
PS The name in pink is my ebay name.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

White or Black

Ok so this was my response to a post on Koolbrezze blog I liked the topic so I thought I would put it here and see what you think.

memoirs of a non-geisha said...
Ok I could go on for days about this subject ... As far as the N word it is not aloud in my house, period. Growing up we where not aloud to say it either or The C word (cracker)As for Biracial children, I grew and was always taught I am Biracial saing I am black would deny my mother and saying I am white would deny my father. I am the same with my daugters. They are Biracial because, I am. As far as how the world sees me screw them, I will never be "enough of any race" to make any of them happy, I just have to be me.

Friday, April 07, 2006

It's payday! ( for most)

That's the cool thing about a real job you have a payday, now if you are like me; you have to be on the hustle, so pay day can be any day or no day!
I have two Mary Kay Parties this weekend, wish me luck!
I really enjoy selling Mary Kay and if I do good this weekend
I am going to pay for a MK website its any 25.00 for a year but
I only want to use money I make from MK on MK.
That way I do not go into the hole, I do not keep an inventory I only buy
When I make a sale.
This morning I walked my older one partway to school and on the way back my little one pointed at our car and said "mommy lets go to Starbucks"
is it funny or sad , I do not even drink coffee. She likes the vanilla milk and I love the black and white hot chocolate. I like meeting my friends there, so I guess its not that bad, plus our Starbucks has a big water fountain in front so my little love getting to throw pennies in it. I bet I give her about 100 pennies a week , to throw in there.
We are going at 2pm, to meet my friend, Danisha we started weight watchers yesterday and I have all the points book that I bought awhile ago, so I am going to let her look at them.
I hope to lose about 20 lbs... Summers coming, got to be cute you know I needs me a MAN, A real Man.. (that's a whole-nother blog unto its self)
Peace, have a great weekend!
Do some stuff I wouldn't do!
Excuse me for the shameless plug!
Anybody need a new dooney, cheap?
All profits will benefit me.
OK and my kids,
They are always spending
my money.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

I cant believe she is gone!

Why America? Mandesa was one of the best singers on AI. It was evident that no one could believe it the whole audience was shocked. I guess Thats how the show goes. No one is safe. I am also Chirs Fan, I hope he lasts.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I went to Starbucks and other stuff I did on Tuesday.

Tuesday was an interesting day I kinda woke up in a bad mood... I knew that my (not yet ex)husband was planning on coming over and that my dad was going to want to go some places. I didn't feel like doing anything and the house was a mess!

Well he called and said he was on his way so I started cleaning up (not just because he was coming over) but I have to say I did move faster than I usually would have!
My husband must have been in a good mood or maybe he missed us or something cuz...
He actually did some yard work (he cut all the hedges along the walkway-they were growing over),
He changed a poopy diaper! (and took it outside)
He dressed baby after her bath,
He carried my moms shopping bags to the car, (I had did some shopping for her) ,
He sat in the nail shop, while I had my nails and toes done.
and We watched American Idol.

Now this may all sound like no big deal but let me tell you he is not usually a very personable person. Don't worry we are not getting back together or anything.

I did not end up having to take my dad anywhere his friend came over and they went some places. Lucky me! I love my dad and he is a good dad but some times it is good for him to hang out with his friends and for me to hang out with my friends!

I even invented a new dinner...
1 large can season diced tomato (don't drain)
1 can corn (drain)
1 large can (rinsed) black beans
1/2 box small pasta or 2 cups rice
1 6oz can seasoned chicken (you can use fresh chicken if you plan ahead)
teaspoon onion powder
red pepper flakes (add to your taste, I like mine spicy)
put everything except the pasta in a pan, start heating make pasta or rice in a separate pan (drain pasta) add to other pan , stir and serve, this makes about 6 or 7 servings.

It is yummy and inexpensive, I would say this dish costs about 3.50,
I made it because it is so easy and only takes a few mins.

So my day did not end up all that bad after all.
I almost forgot my new business cards came, they are so cute, and one of my ebay purcahses also arrived. (the mailman must think I am an ebay junkie)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

How I save money or I don't look broke, do I !

I have been told more than once that I should share, my money saving tips with others.

I really do not want to start a whole new blog so I think from time to time I will post them here. I am not sure if I will do always on Mondays, but maybe I will.

Now I have Prada taste on a broke B's budget. I always worked from the time I was 14. I started out with my 1st job at taco bell making about 5.00 hr($10,400/yr) (multiply 2080 -thats the work hours in a year by your hourly rate of pay or divide your yearly salary by 2080- to see what you really make ex 80,000/2080=38.46/hr) and my last job before the baby, selling advertising space for about $80,000/yr. I now stay home with my Dad (who is ill) and my baby! But I still carry a designer bag and umbrella and my kids still rock designer clothes. We still eat out weekly and enjoy Direct TV.
You can Have It All, If You Shop Smart!

I will list some of my strategies right here for YOU!

Groceries-Get the newspaper and look at the coupons-Only save the ones for things you already use or really want to try out! That is so important. Otherwise you are wasting money, Find a Quality dollar store there are some out there, with good merchandise in them. Go there 1st, alot of times they have things I would have paid $2 for at walmart, You say whats the big deal it's only 2 bucks yeah but times that by 10 items that's 10.00 bucks toward that Coach Bag you have been eyeing at Nordstrom! See it all adds up and cleaning products can almost all be bought at the dollar store expect Gain(laundry). I buy that at walmart - gotta smell - good! All basics can be bought at Food max (might have a different name where you live. Then go to your regular grocery store and get those thing you just love you know you specialty items. If you do all your shopping in one store I am warning you what you save in one department you are paying for in another! Don't forget most medicine like Tylenol and claritin all have a generic sitting on the shelf right next to them, same for cleaning products and trust me they all work just as good!

Clothes and Shoes- Never buy from the front of the store that is where the most expensive items are. Better yet, Go to the 2nd hand store or a resale shop, these are really beginning to be trendy, I get almost everything there. Take the time and go out to your wealthy neighborhoods (they have them) They call them consignment shops. I have gone to some in areas like Blackhawk and Danville for those you out of state people these are the areas where The Niners and Raiders buy homes E40 lives out there. I have bought many nice items out there, like cashmere sweaters and banana republic skirts for less then $10.00. That's where I got my Gucci sunglasses. I picked up 3 pairs of Steve Madden open toe high heel sandals for 3 bucks each and my dad was with me so we got the Senior discount. This was a one closer to my house. I also bought a brand new dooney for 45.00 on Saturday at a white elephant sale.

Yard sales- These are great for household Items, We just bought a cannon printer for 10.00 and the ink cartridges for 5.00 at a yard sale. You can look these up on Craigslist. Go early and if you see they are charging to much leave and go back at the end of the day, they are tired they don't want to put all that "junk" back in the house. I bought my little one a cute pink American Idol shirt, khaki pants and some cute black shoes all for $1.50.

Ebay I love ebay they have everything thing on there but becareful always add up cost of Item and shipping before you bid and go check the items website sometimes it cheaper on the original website ie: I wanted a Kate Spade diaper bag, I saw one on Ebay then went to Kate spade web site and found out that item was clearance I could actually go to the Nieman Marcus outlet and get it for less than ebay! Don't get me wrong you can get some great deals on Ebay ... Put the item On your watch list and do not bid until this last minute otherwise you are just driving up the bids. I just Paid 9.99 for about 65.00 worth of Mary Kay. (not make up but things I need when I hold my skin care classes).

I could go on and on but I won't. These was an overview of some of the things I do.

The reason I added in the equation for hourly pay is so that you can realize what your money means to you.

Off to read your blogs! Tell what you think of my ideas!