Friday, March 31, 2006

Tell me why...

That's my Daddy, all dressed up!

This is how most of my friends and I start sentences. I know its poor grammer but its a habit.
So.. Tell me why... am I going to do a Tell me why post.

Tell me why am I addicted to buying stuff on Ebay... this week alone I bought 4 things.
and sold 5.

Tell me why do old people get dressed up to go no where!

Tell me why is my 2 yr old more well behaved when her 15 yr old sister is at school.

Tell me why will I spend $250.00 on a purse but was mad that celery was $1.50.

Tell me why do I want Chris. (the one from American Idol)

Tell me why do I love the rain. (Maybe its cuz I get to use my dooney unbrella)

Tell me why has it rained 26 days out of this month and yet I still wore open toe shoes almost everyday!

Tell me why swear words upset my inner peace now, but when I was in my 20s I listened to TuPac on a daily basis.

Tell me why in my dreams I am so hot I mean super model hot! ;) (I mean my real dreams at night when I am sleeping, not my fantasy dreams)

One more... Tell me why did I get "New york" in the "Which flavor of love girl are you?"
(dont forget to watch this weekend- the reunion show)

Ok tell me some of your "tell me whys" dont forget to tell me which girl you are!

Ok its 218am so I had better go to sleep. I'll watch Nick at night and get some zzzzzz's.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New Pictures!

I added a whole bunch of new pics on to my flikr. If you like you can check them out.
There are some of my kids I also put up a picture of the chicken and dumpling soup I made last night. I don't know what else to wright about today so I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


So I was trying to get my hustle on and The man is just not trying to feel me. I have been selling some things on EBay, and pay pal does not credit money into your account for 3-5 days. But... When I pay for something they take that money out instantly--- Whats up with that.

I took some (OK a whole box) of books - good ones - you know I only read the best. To half price books (it's a store where they buy books.) Damm them trying to give me $5.00 yes that's five bones for the whole box... chumps I took my books back home with me and told them I would rather give them away then let them rip me off!

So I went to my Mary Kay meeting it was OK, I don't know my last director was cool I don't really know about this one yet, we shall see. (that's my other hustle)

Stupid baby daddies they don't know what kind of s--- I do just to keep these kids looking straight! I do everything on the up and up, it is so hard. I want my kids to be happy and have everything and more. I try to balance church, family, school, real world (non church) and keep a semblance of normalcy, all while being a single mother, this is not what I planned, I got married for reason,

Ok you could say you should pick better men. I married an Air Traffic Controller with zero children, parents who where still married, he went to college and did nearly 10 yrs in the navy, perfect credit and no debt, he was nice to me and my daughter, everything you could hope for... so I thought!

I blame it all on media... idiots watch to much BET MTV and listen to too much commercial radio. Not to mention Maury, judge joe brown, all the court shows for that matter. It is all poison... people we are being played, this is destruction of our children and ourselves.
Pay attention to to what you watch and more importantly what your children watch I don't care how old you are or if you are in "your" room , I will still monitor what is being watch.

Is there someone you loved and have never gotten over?

I can say yes. I don't know, well maybe I do,
It probably would have never worked out but its nice to think maybe it would have.
Its too late now, so I will just have to imagine, what if?
But if its all me, it would not have lasted anyway.
So maybe it is better that it never was.
At least this way we can still have the memories.

Yes that picture is my baby.

Monday, March 27, 2006

My Weekend

This weekend was jam packed…

Saturday morning The boy scout troop at our church hosted a pancake breakfast at 8am, My dad likes to go to Breakfast so you know we got up and went it was cool 10.00 for the family and the food was actually good (you can count on LDS people to cook some yummy food) Then we went to my moms and hung out with her for about 1 hour.

In the afternoon, we had an emergency preparedness fair, it was cool there where topics including Food storage, Water Storage, How to use wheat, 72 hour kits, I did the “Family emergency plans” booth , Basically how to locate family members if you are separated from each other. We also had the Fire Dept do demonstrations on how to turn off the gas and other things. The also had samples of food made from food storage.

If you guys are interested I can put up some links on these subjects… Don’t forget what happened during Katrina.

The rest of the evening I watched TV, I watched Dr 90210 and LittlePeopleBigWorld. I like both of these shows. You should check them out.

My Daughter went to a young womens’ event. They had dinner and listened to inspirational talks.

On Sunday My older child was sick, she stayed home from church, I went with my little one we where late but it was ok I enjoyed it, my little made me proud (I am such a stage mom) The teacher ask “who made the animals” and my baby yelled out Heavenly Father, and then said He made the rainbows (it just so happened that we saw a beautiful rainbow on Friday and I told her all about how Heavenly Father makes rainbows after it rains.) Her lesson was on Noah’s Ark – Perfect Timing.

In the Evening, There was a baptism, It was the first baptism That I actually cried not cry cry but little tears coming down, They had to put her under 3 times because 1st the 2 times her knees did not get fully submerged, And every part has to under for it to count.
But All in all it was beautiful; she is 21 with a 9 mo old and a 21mo old.

I guess that is all for now as you can see this was very churchy weekend.

Off to check out your blogs!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Am I strange? + American Idol the recap!

First of all you, will all have to forgive me for some reason the return button is not working. (in blogger only)
SO I thought I would share some of my wierdness with you ....
Before I go to the potty at home I have can of scrubby bubbles next to the potty and I wipe down the seat everytime. I just have this thing I don't want to sit my bottom wear any one eles has. I found out that one of friends does this also. ...
I also wash every (clean) dish before I use it, pots and pans included. ...
I keep purell in my purse and my 2 yr old has known how to apply this since she was about 15 months.
I wipe the bottom of my feet and my babies with baby wipes before we go to bed.
Ok that is some of the strange thigns I do. ...............
On to American Idol the recap...
Mandesa Looked good & sang good, I liked her hair, Simon gave her props.

Bucky sang Oh Boy, He was OK He has done better.

Paris sang Fever, Cute look great song made my dad sad reminded him of his mother.

Chris sang Walk the line now I am a Johnny Cash fan and I have to say Chris is the BOMB! I would buy that album today!

Katharine sang Rain or shine, it was ok she can sing.

Taylor Sang not fade away, this was ok I have heard him sing better, I liked the suit.

Lisa sang Why do fools fall in love, Not orignal did not keep my attention, she needs something...

Kevin sang When I fall in love, I guess Im not 12 or old so he was kinda boring my dad liked him.

Elliot sang teach me tonite, he pulled it out, I like him he can sing. In a wierd way he's cute. Sooner or later he will get his teeth fixed.

Kelly sang always walking, She can blow, not everyone likes country but this girl is going to be a country star. I think they put too much make-up on her.

Ace sang in the still of the night, I liked it but I think he is a little full of himself.

Who do you think is going home, I will say Bucky or Lisa or Taylor That is my bottom 3, we shall see.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

its potty time

Today was very exciting for my 2yr old she turned 2 last month and we have been practicing going on her potty well........ today she went on the potty 3 times and all 3 times she asked to go! For all you parents out there you know how thrilling this is.

On Monday watched Trump. My friend came over and picked out some make up, she had a facial class at her house on Saturday, ( I sell Mary Kay) and she wanted to take advantage on her gift with purchase. She stayed until about 11.

Back to Sat. the facial class was really fun there where 6 ladies there and we had a Greek style lunch and chocolates, the facials and makeovers came out beautiful and everybody bought something.

I hung out with a new girl at church she is 21 and has a 21 month old and a 6 month old, both girls they are so cute, and tiny. My daughter sitting in the middle in the back seat of the car poked the baby in the eye, but then she patted her hair and told her not to cry how could I be mad at her, We went to the park and McDonald's. Then the dollar store.

On Tuesday I did not do much, My daughter had a concert at her school. I stayed for her part and then went home to watch AI, ran and picked her up on the commercial lucky we live close to the school I did not miss any one! I did not really dig Stevie night, I like Stevie just not sung by "idols". Chris was the best of the men and Paris and Mandesa and the best of the women.

On Wednesday I went to a scrap-booking group at one of the ladies in our church's house. It was cool, I finally got all the babies pictures in a book, I still have 9 cameras to develop. I do 35 mm and digital. This lady is also my 2 yr olds Sunday school teacher so the whole time she calls her "teacher" The teacher also has a husky (dog) he is so pretty, I told her, I would come over and walk him sometimes. Huskys are my favorite dog! Then I went to food max and stocked up I forgot how cheap they are I have been shopping at Safeway, well no more I filled my entire cart up for 87.00 dollars. I also stopped by the auto body shop and had my trunk fixed. It wasn't opening they didn't charge me, so I tipped the guy who actually worked on it ($10.00). He was a cool Mexican guy told me grew up in San Fran. My daughter went to her church activity they the young men where in charge this week so they did an obstacle course, and had treats afterwards, She was home in time for AI, I could not believe Ace was in the bottom 3, Wake up call~! Cute doesn't win every time. I like Chris, myself. That boy can rock!

Side note: Why is my dad watching BET right now and he put it on!

And that brings us to Thursday, I did so much to ripping and running, If you need a print out of your bank statements for the past 6 months and a money order where would you go...
If you said the the bank you are wrong, that's what I thought but it turns out b-of-a does not sell money orders and If you need a statement print out you have to call customer service!
So I went to the liquor store and picked up a m.o. and ran over to the library and printed out my own statement. I watched The Office, I think it is really one of the best shows (sitcom) on TV right now. Everybody loves Chris was funny also! My older daughter says she is Chris. I think we can all relate in some ways.

Sorry I have been having a blogging slump.... thanks for still checking me out!

P.S. BD blew another car so he is rideless now, I don't know what he is going to CS has kicked in so there goes new car money, Hope he doesn't skip out to TX, Mama needs her mula!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

1. What time did you get up this morning? 420am thats my 2yr olds new wake up time, made her a sandwich and a sippy cup of milk and went back to bed at 6am then got up at 9am.

2. Diamonds or pearls? diamonds

3. what was the last film you saw at the movies? Memoirs of a giesha

4. what is your favorite t.v. show? Two and a half men (for some reason I like Charlie Sheen), Apprentice, AI, News, The Soup.

5. what did you have for breakfast? Egg whites with red and green bell peppers and salsa.

6. what is your middle name? My mom will kill me if I put it on the internet, Sorry.

7. favorite cuisine? Real Italian.

8. what foods do you dislike? Lazy thrown together food.

9. what is your favorite chip flavor? Don't eat chips

10. what is your favorite cd at the moment? According to my 2yr old The wiggles, when she lets me, Janice Kapp Perry . (Look it up,thats what the internet is for)

11. what kind of car do you drive? Camry
12. favorite sandwich? #9 Turkey + provolne+olive mix+ lettuce+tomato+red onion with a little mayo on a dutch crunch roll.

13. what characteristic do you despise? Sneaky

14. what characteristic do you love most? Humor and trust-worthy-ness

15. favorite item of clothing? Do shoes count?

16. if you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? If I wasn't afaid to fly I would go to england and france.

17. what is the color of your bathroom? ALL
18. favorite brand of clothing? I like talbots, Lizwear, Bannana Repulic but I am broke so I wear whatever.

20. what was your most memorable birthday? Thats Hard. I think I will say my last one, I went to lunch with my best friend at Todai and a makeover at macys compilments of my dad.

21. favorite sport to watch? None, but Sometimes having football on in the back reminds me of being a kid. Tennis also.
22. when is your birthday? July

23. are you a morning person or a night person? night

24. what is your shoe size? 7 ½

25. pets: fish, turtle, cat (he ran away, but a new one replaced him)

26. what did you want to be when you were little? A mommy and a Teacher.
27. how are you today? go go go

28. what is your favorite candy? Dove bar

29. what are your favorite flowers? Tulips

30. what is a date on the calendar you are looking forward to? Whenever Mothers day is I will prolly get something.

31. where is the furthest you have ever been from home? Philly, Land wise but Texas felt futher.

32. a small thing you really enjoy? Remote controls, There small right?

33. favorite restaurant? Pasta Pomordora, and Elephant Bar

34. the feature you like most about yourself? ??????

35. what is your favorite thing you like to do in your spare time? Duh...internet

36. what is your favorite color? Pink

Friday, March 03, 2006

My 'puter is back!

I have too many things to talk about today. Last night I went to open house it was ok, I have to say my daughter has some strange teachers, one of the is her chemistry teacher he is a black guy about 5'2" and is also the BBall coach can we say "complex", He has triplets with a hispanic women and thinks he is cool I can see why my daughter cant stand his class, it is 1/2 full of kids that aspire to be in hip hop videos if you know what I mean. Well, I just hope she passes so she does not get stuck with him again.-- Her geomytry teachers where pretty cool, they co-teach, how that works I don't know?!! --Now her English teacher, he is a black guy kinda young Im guessing about 25-26, he was ok diddn't say too much, that I didn't already know, funny part is when we left my daughter said mom that is not my teacher I mean it is but he does not act like that, during the day he is crazy, he was acting for the parents.-- My daughters school is huge there are about 4000+ students (yes that's thousands) so I think I logged about a mile just walking from class to class. --Her band teachers raved about her which is no surprise. Her sign language teacher loves her. --She conviently forgot to take me to her 1st peroid class which is History, and which I am sure she is always late to. I thought about it this morning but it is too late.-- We did run into this cool teacher that was one of my brother and myself's favs we talked for a few mins and exchanged emails. (yes I went to the same school my daughter goes to, I am a townie) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I am in to Idol this year I was sad to see Sway leave, he is from here and I thought he was cool . I like and hope to see in the top 12 Ace, Bucky, Chris, Elliot, Mandisa, Paris, Taylor and Kellie. If you want to put a face with the names click here. I am glad they kicked off Brenna she was to full of herself and not that cute. Oh and the one from last yr she made me cry with her song, Jesus take the wheel, Her name is Carrie Underwoos see I didn't watch Idol last season so I did not know her. But I bet her single is #1 today, I'm going to get it! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I almost forgot "Trump" as I call it, it was good they started out with a bang. I like the russian guy he is too funny I could watch him make side remarks all day, Right before the board room he told 'ol girl to keep her month closed and he would make sure she didnt get fired well Trump was just bout to fire the PM and she opened her month camera pans over to the russian he is just shaking his head, Well Trump is all, why did you say anything I was just about to fire him, she keeps talking so Trump fires her, and then proceeds to tell the PM she saved your a--, and get this the russian says "not for long" with the russian accent and ala Tony Soprano, I am telling you that is my new quote, they have to keep this guy around just for sound bites. Ok,I guess I will wrap this up and go check out your blogs.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I know you will not believe it but I did have a good experience at the DMV, I only had to wait about 20 mins and the lady was hecka cool, she grew up in the same hood as me, about the same age as my mom,she help me get everything squared away, I "only" dropped about $400.00, But I have to be able to drive, you really find out alot about people when you do not have transportation.
Anyway I had to take a new pic, which I did not know and guess what my hair and make up was done and the pic came out cute, even the lady who took it said "Now thats a good picture" If I can I will try to post it.
I cant post alot right now my dad is waiting for me to take him some places.