Thursday, June 29, 2006

Remember when I wrote about our friend Ron?

Two men to be charged !

I could not believe it when I read it.

I am still going through my Dads belongings and such, I really miss him I guess that will just have to become a given, my little one told the librarian"my bapa passed away" and you should have seen how the librarian looked at me. very confused. I just said Yes he did on the 7th and she said the expected. My daughter is 2yrs and 4 mos, she is just so smart that people often look at me and ask me how old is she? well I guess I will start putting some stuff on ebay.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Originally, A note to Mwabi.

Sorry I havent been blogging lately,
I think I have too much write! My Dads funeral was very nice, very inspirational.
We believe in enternal life and that evryone will meet agian. I do miss him very much.
My dad was a collector of everything thing so I have major work to do. I do not even know how I will get it done.
Plus I have to move and get a job before the end of the summer, so needless to say I will be busy.
I think just writing this has helped I will post it. I am such a blog cheater.
Thanks for being a (blog) friend. I always look forward to reading your posts.
Ps I am going to get that new India Arie. My husband told me, She is giving a free concert in Oakland. I am not going, I have lost all my cool. LOL

Monday, June 12, 2006

A few hours before my Daddy died, My little one did the sweetest thing... We all had gone to the Hospital but I had my girls stay in the waiting area and when I came out of the room I said come on lets go, (I had already had them say goodbye and give him a hug and a kiss the day before) but my little on said "Mommy I want to see baapa, so I took in the room and she folded her arms and put her head down then she rubbed my dads arm, next she closed her eyes and said Heavenly Father, my baapa my daddy my baapa, Amen. then she said Bye baapa I love you. Talk about being close to the spirit and making us cry. I really believe children can feel the spirit. My older daughter has had a couple dreams one was her and her grandpa racing, her on her bike and him on his scooter, and another was that he was sitting talking to his friend Ron. (the one who was killed in Jan, I wrote about it, you can check the archives) that made us both cry cuz I was like, He probably is. I had some dreams to, one was that he was here and I said Dad they told me you died and he said " well after they took all those tube out of me and took me downstairs I was Ok" I think was a dream to help me feel comfort and know he is Ok. I called my cousin on the eastcoast to tell her and she told me "I dreampt about him last week and I was crying in the dream" now I do not talk to her often she did not even know he was in the hospital. She spent her childhood with my dad so they had/have a bond. My mom also had a dream about him unfortunetly I forgot what her dream entailed. I told my friend Andrea about these dreams and she was all "he is making the rounds!" I thought that was cute. We are doing ok , we have had so many dinners and flowers brought to us and calls, that yesterday I just stayed in the house all day. I needed a down day. I have some stuff to get done today. Thankyou all for your wonderful comments!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I already miss you, Daddy!

My dad asked me to read this to him last night. He does not look good today. The doctor has basically ordered comfort care for him.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


edit ---day 13, the hospital called and said and your dad is awake watching tv luckily my husband had stayed over so I left the kids and got to the hospital in 15mins when I got there he was all slouched over and I said hi dad and he said pull me up so the nurse and I did the I put some moistend swabs in his mouth and he said whats that and I told him he has said yes and no but thats all and he looks at the people you tell him to which is big. Rite aid called and said I was the grand prize winner of a disney TV way cool I just picked it up it is pink! I am on my way back to the hospital now.
My dad has not been very responsive the past 2 days. On wedensday he told me he was glad I was there and we hung out and watched Tv, thursday and friday he was nonreponsive and his doctor has given us the "talk" so I have been very sad to say the least. Camping out at the hospital is not easy with a 2 yr old but I have to say she has been on her best behavior. I bought her a portable dvd player and some new movies plus I bought a ton of snacks and a little chair that is just her size. I also got myself one of those tri fold lounge chairs. Makes things a lot more comfortable. friday night my friend Joanna and I went to the hospital and my dad was semi consious and moving around I did not know what to do but I noticed his tougne was all dried out since he is on a feeding tube. so I got some moistned swabs and did his whole mouth and put vasiline on his lips, he opened his mouth for the swab and follewed me with his eyes, which he had not done for 2 days. then I gave him a shave and put the tv on for him. He calmed down and went to sleep I felt so much better by the time I left. I am very blessed women from chuch have brought dinner to us for the past 5 days and 2 days last week. People have driven my children to and from the hospital and offered to watch them as well as just checking in on me daily as well as visiting my dad. With out church I do not know how I would handle this. I am still hoping for a miracle. Even though I understand reality, I refuse to just give up. Even his doctor said he will not give up on him.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Dad is not doing any better, the doctor has given him a negitive prognosis. These are trying times for us, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.