Thursday, December 29, 2005

A day out with the BD!

So the BD spent the night on the couch, He came over to take me a bunch of places. (If you wonder why I am not driving read yesterdays blog.) Anyway it only takes a few hours of him to remember why I am glad we are not together any more. He drove me crazy(pun intented) , I also have to sit in the back because he has a convertable and the carseat really only fits in the front, I put it in the back before but baby complained her legs where squished. so instead I have to be squished.

He listens to rap music non stop! I love rap too but I don't play it front of my baby there is NOTHING cute about a baby rapping! I have to ask him over and over to turn it down. He knows how I feel, he just does it to bug me.

The other complaints are those "we know each other so well we can bug the hell out of each other and no one eles understands" kind of complaints. So I wont even begin. just know he was buggin me!

Then the baby cried while I was fillin out some papers he calls me from the deli 1 door down and says I need to come and get her.
I am like -I am busy bring her here.
He's all (in a whiny voice) -I am waiting for my food.
I am all- are you kiddin me.
So he brings her to me, she just wanted mommy.

Well 3 hours later and 4 more stops, We got to my house and
he's all- I gotta go.
I am like- I thought you didn't have to work ?!
He's all Oh, they called me in.
Whatever. He always tries to leave when baby is asleep, I don't like this but I guess it's easier for him, and that's what really matters. (yes I am being sarcastic)

Ok the rest of the day was good I just hung out with my family.
Oh yeah- My brother (he lives in santa barbara) Sent me a gift card to Borders! I will have to go tomorrow.

My daughter and I baked cookies (from scratch) Butterscotch chip, just like chocolate chip except the chips are butterscotch. Baby ate all the chips out of her cookies and left the cookie part. The recipe makes a ton of dough so we will have cookies for a good few days!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

It's over, so get over it!!!

I finally decieded to write today. Chiratmas is over. I am so Tired of hearing about it. Yes I had a great Christmas, I will give a little recap just for those who really want to know or you can just skip down to the real reason for blogs!!!

Ok the recap.
On the 24th I stayed up till 4am
wrapping gifts and baking cookies
then I put the turkey in to slow cook while we slept
In the morning I let the kids open 2 gifts each then
we got ready for church, church was great!
When we came home my mom
(She gave me an antique tea cup!)
was here, we finished opening gifts
had some ham and eggs and then I finished dinner. My dad gave me a Nikon cool pix 950 digital camera. Thanks dad!
My husband came over at 3pm.
We opened the gifts from him
I got a Mary J Cd, yeah
We had dinner at 4pm
Turkey, cornbread dressing, cranberries, greens, mixed veggis, cornbread muffins, gravy & mash potatos.
The rest of the night was just us hanging out.
The Drama
I Hope to have my DL back by the end of the week even though it will still be restricted at least I will not have to depend on the (kindness) of others to get simple places, like Wal-mart. I am use to going somewhere every day so this whole not having my DL is getting real old.
OK some background, I got hit from behind right at the cornerof my street, it was totally the other drivers fault, her insurance paid for everything, only one problem I did not have insurance so the Fing Dmv suspended my DL without telling me I drove around for 5 mos With out knowing, I found out when I went to renew my DL, needless to say I was pissed, I had Proof of insurance but they wanted it for the accident day, so now I need $700.00 to take care of this, well I had to save up so I have not been driving snice that day!! in august. I did not even drive home from the DMV. I am either law abiding or paranoid, I think it's the later. I have walked to the store a bunch of times and my friend Joanna has called to offer me trips to walmart and the grocery store. (thank you ) I really mean it. I hate having to get rides, I am an independent person. It's just not the same as going by yourself.
You may say , What about your dad? are you kidding me that is like taking your life in your hands, He has never had a ticked or been in an accident, but lately with the diabeties and the liver problems, he has come real close, but you can't tell him that. He says it is all the other drivers' fault. ok dad.
I have learned so useful lessons from all this.
Did I rant enough? Maybe not!
I also am going to get more child support, I can not support these kids on this little bit of money, I know Why dont I work. OK, I can work and pay the day care the same amount of money I get for child support and them some; but why, that's just bad math! Plus my dad is ill, there are days he can not even get out of bed. I can not in good conscience leave him home alone every day, while I am out working , not to mention a new job will not let go home when my dad calls and says he does not feel well. So I am going to look into Ebay and some other (legal) avenues to make some money.
I am also going to get back to my cute self, the me that had man drooling, I may not be 21 any more but, I do not look my age. I remember when I could barely get through the mall , I have been so busy with the kids and the dad and the BD drama that I have stopped getting myself all cute'ed up!
Stay tuned I might have some more... to rant about...

Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas!!!!!

I know most of you will be very busy un the next few days, so..... I wanted to wish all a very Merry Christmas
I hope you find all your family and friends in good health and good spirits. I am looking forward to enjoying my children and going to church, after church we will have brunch and enjoy our presents, & I will make dinner. (I will fill you in on that on monday).
Have a great weekend!! Knowing me I will still be around the blogs, so if you are also, see ya later.
This beautiful picture is from,here.
For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. Luke 2:11

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Newborn twins found in church

Newborn African American Twins Where found in a church In Illinois, today.
They are very adorable. I can say this is one of those stories where you say "how can some one just leave them", but I am happy they did not find them in a dumpster as we had heard about too many times. The hospital staff has named them Mary and Joseph.
CNN is reporting that the parents can face criminal charges if they are found because a church is not considered a safe haven. ??—Ok, Maybe technically it is not. But how many times have we all seen on TV, Babies left in churches or people running in churches yelling sanctuary. There are a lot of people that base their decisions on what they see on TV.
I think who ever did this knew they could not care for these children and they did what they thought was best for them. I just hope, a couple who has been longing for children will be able to adopt them. I wish I could. If I had the money and the means, they would be mine.

I added new pictures to my "my space". & I added a fliker, I will put more pics in it soon.

What day is it?

I am all out of it. With the teen home and the colds. I am just not keeping up on all my blog work! LOL , I will have to catch up Tonight.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good Blog.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Random Wedensday

My allergies are getting the best of me.
I cancelled my tea party; told the girls we will do it next week.
Woke up at 6 am, my head was all congested, I think everyone in the bay area is sick.
Went back to bed.
My "husband" came over today to take my dad to the DMV for his driving test. I hope he passes. Now my husband will be over all day. He works eveings- but it's OK. He can paly with baby while do whatever.
My older daughter went to go baby sit my friends little boy. So she can make some money for herself.
I think I will do laundry today -- or I might be pantyless soon. :)
Good news- We took my older Daughter to her follow up Appointment for her Scoliosis, She does not need surgery-pays to get a 2nd opinion. Dr. said she will not curve anymore and the cruve she does have is really not noticeable. We where there for 4hrs.
Yesterday, baby threw a cantolope- it did not break she siad" I like that ball" it was pretty funny.
Well I guess that is all for now.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

2006 = divorce

Why do I always want to be the nice guy?
My current husband and I have been separated for 23 months. My Daughter is 22 months old.
Hmmmm ..... that’s right He moved out when I was 8 mos pregnant. We had a fight the night before and he was doing that damm basketball blocking and would not let me down the hall, I was getting upset and called him a bunch of names. Anyways it got real heated and I called my Dad, he told me to call the police, because he did not want me to go into labor. (Now I think he set this up on purpose because he already had a place and had not paid our rent for 2 months)
When I called the police (not the 1st time) Dum-dum took the phone from me and hung it up. Well that means they automatically come out. So they came, and he was pissed!! They said, “We can not make him leave” But did ask him if he would just spend the night somewhere else, my dad said he could go over there (my dad is a real even keeled guy). He did end up going some where.
The next morning I got up and went to church. I needed to be around good people. I then went home; my church lasts for about 3hrs. Well…… When I walked in the door this nigga had cleaned us out. Left me with the crap Even took the scale and the blender. 2 things I used on a daily basis. OK Imagine You are 8 mos pregnant & walk in to your house with your 13 yr old who immediately bursts into tears. I called my dad 1st then his mother she was mad, kept saying he will be back. I was like -- too late. I next called some people from my church including a DA. He told me what rights I had as far as changing the locks and such.
Now this fool did not even call for a week, you know why he called; I changed the locks on the mail box. He gets paid in the mail, he is a consultant. Well you know I went off on him, I was in the car bringing my dad home from the hospital (poor Dad). Then I stopped getting mail!? I go to the post office this fool put a vacation hold on the mail, well the ladies at the post office were pissed and gave me all the mail and told him he no longer could make changes on that address.
Then He had the nerve to call me and say Why WAS I MAKING THINGS BAD!? I just hung up on him like 10 times, told him next time he moves get a change of address 1st , (baby due any day).
After a lot of prayer and discussions I called him and asked him if He wanted to be there for the birth of his 1st child. He said he didn’t care and that was up to me. So I did not call him. I had my mom, my dad & my daughter in there, (something every teen should see!) I called his mom after the baby was born. (She has always been good to me) Of course she called him then He called to ask if he could come see her, I told not until my family left.
So late that night he came; saw his daughter, the daughter he did not want, the daughter he abandoned. We did not even talk. The next night he came and I tried to be decent to him.
There is a ton more to tell you about this but I will have to do a part 2, 3, 4….
This is just the easy version of the story; there are a lot more details. I am getting stressed just writing it. More on another day.

He called today to tell me he is going to a work party near my house and after he will come by. OK, at 2am? The baby will be sleep.
He knows that because of my religious beliefs I will not date any one until we are legally divorced. So, I guess he thinks it’s all good. It’s not!
2006 = divorce!

Monday, December 19, 2005

I finally figured it out!!

Am I the only one blogging on the weekend? I guess it is a good thing though; I was able to figure out some things.

I got my links in place.
I put up my, my space link.
& I created one of those cute little dolls, thanks to koolbreeze.
I named mine Veronica that was my clubbin name back in the day.Now if I could only put up some pictures.

I wore my new black boots, everybody liked them. They are pretty cute they have a low heel (for me) and a med. size buckle on the side. I have gotten so use to dressing for "mommy mode" I almost forgot what it's like to look like a regular person.
I wore my hair in a pony tail. Right now my hair is flat ironed, so it is pretty long. I like to wear my pony tail kinda high. My daughter wears her real low. She says I like mine this way because I am from a different generation. She's right I like to have some body to my hair; these kids now like it flat, flat, flat. Most of the time my hair is not flat ironed so it is all curly and I end up with it in a bun. How boring. I know. That's price I pay to be at home, irregular salon visits. Anyway I go to the Beauty College; I always get ripped off at the salon. Even the beauty college, charges me double. The listed price is 20.00 for a flat iron they charge me 35-40.00. May not sound like a lot but it’s the principle. these are students and they are not getting paid. I always tip them. Plus they are paying to be there, so the school is making money off the both of us. "Shysters"

Well I am all ready for Christmas, I might pick up some little things. Just because they are there but as for the real shopping I am done. My Daughter would like some itunes for Christmas and we already have an account with them, so I figure why buy an Itunes gift card that she will have to set up. When I can just make a little card that says you can buy 10 itunes.

Ants--- Am I the only one with like 5 billion ants in my house? It is raining here (Rain 58° F H61°/L51°) and I think they all came to my house.

My daughter and I watched Oliver Twist, the original & Bachelor Mother staring Ginger Rogers. Can you believe my daughter did not know who Ginger Rogers was? It is a cute movie from 1939-- Blacks, Mexicans and Asians did not exist back then. (According to Hollywood) Even the butler was white. I guess some things have changed.
Edit -- I am so addicted to this blog, it's 3:54am and I am forcing myself to go to bed. C ya lata.

Friday, December 16, 2005

How'd they Know?

Your Icecream Flavour is...Chocolate!
You are the all time favorite, chocolate! Turning white kids black since the 1800s. Staining carpets, car seats, and bed sheets for centuries. One thing is for sure, you will never go out of style. You can't go wrong with chocolate!
What is your Icecream Flavour?
Find out at Go Quiz

I did not know; I was still using this ploy...

What is your sexual appeal?

brought to you by Quizilla

A little about, Princess #2.

I did not feel that good today; I stayed in bed a lot. I talked on the phone a lot, also.

Bad part is I have to watch what baby wants to watch. So we watched Sesame Street, they did a "Grouch apprentice" wasn't half bad. Kinda funny- the Donald Grouch had a bad wig and he was firing everyone even Elmo. I am not making this up. He was all "your fired, yo taxi, & and don't forget your bags!" I guess it was teaching how to be a good sport and that is good to help. We also watched wiggles and little bear I like little bear - this show is very relaxing has great family values. Next was lazy town - it's actually about not being lazy and selfish. Then came OObi this one was kinda weird until I figured out it teaching speech skills my daughter loves this one. This channel also has no commercials. In between shows they have songs and math games.

I teach her ASL (American sign). I started when she was 1 month old and she could communicate with us at 3 mos. I 1st taught her all done, then eat, more and water, she uses water for all drinks, it really makes for happier children they can tell you much sooner what they need so they do not get as upset, which equals less crying. She uses "more" all the time. she uses it for again, also. Like when we tickle her she will say and sign more.

She has been talking since she was 6 mos and now at 22 mos. She is uses full sentences. Last night she came out of the room, and announced “I fall but I OK" It was so cute. She just learned to say "I busy" (wonder where she picked that up). I asked her today to do something and she said "I busy, I watching TV. Too funny! (Until she's 6 and says it.)

The other thing that amazes me is - There are four phones in the house one regular and 3 cell, she knows whose phone is whose.

This week she found a picture of my husband in Japan, he is standing in front of McDonalds, She pick it up and is all "hey that's my daa". (That is what she calls him) "He eat food" OK I don't like McDonalds but she has been there a couple of times, I just thought it was neat that she put the two concepts together. Ps she has been carrying that picture around all week.

Maybe I just need to be around some more adults.

OK just a few more - When she wants to be changed she will come and say I sorry, my butt ewww. And proceeds to undress if you are ready or not.

She loves the Christmas tree, and will not stop touching it; luckily it is anchored to the wall.

She also loves basketball (threw my cell dead center into the toilet from the doorway (WMBA?)And football and soccer and sticks and little cars, she gets all this from daddy. I am a girly girl.
But then a little while later she playing mommy and feeding her babies and pushing them around in the stroller, Funny part is she tells her babies "you heavy" I always say that to her.

I guess if kids have toys they will play with them, boy toy, girl toy they don't care.

A DMX song just came on, those where the days. Wouldn’t trade for these days, though.

OK I tried for like an hour to put picture on and it did not work! Sorry

Well I guess that is all for now.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I have to get some sleep...

So I am going to use the same idea as Tam

Think Three

3 screen names I have:
ddsprncs ( stands for daddy's princess)
I know I have had some at work but I forgot them.

3 physical things I like about myself:
My face
My hair
My feet

3 physical things I don't like about myself:
my tummy
my butt
My fingers with out my nails done.

3 parts of my heritage:

3 of my everyday essentials:
My cell phone
My Dooney bag

3 of my favorite musicians:
Mariah Carey
old skool R.kelly
The wiggles

3 of my favorite songs:
We belong together
Down Low
Fruit salad

3 things I want in a relationship:
sorry I have to have 4 -money, yes it really does matter nothing cute about 2 broke (bleeps)

3 lies:
I didn't hear that.
I'm on it.
I told you.

3 of my hobbies right now:
making flower pens
bargin shopping

3things I want to do real bad right now:
go to bed
stay up and blog
have some tea.

3 careers I've considered doing:
Don't ask ;)
real estate agent
personal shopper

3 places I would like to go on vacation to:
The whole US

3 kid's names I like:

3 ways that I'm a stereotypical dude/lady:
I love purses and shoes
I never expect to pay
I do expect to cook and clean (Sorry please no hate mail)

3 people I would like to see take this quiz:

Have fun !!!!!!!

Potpurri -- a little of everything.

OK like a dummy I stayed up until 3:30 am watching the news and reading blogs. So I am hecka tired today,

I still had to get up with my daughter at 5am (by now you prob-ly know shes always late), well this is too funny she calls me at like 6am and says "mom they left me" I'm like- "where are you?" she's all -"at the door". good I am glad they left maybe she will hurry up next time!

Only bad part is I go to church with these people so she is making me look bad.

BTW why didn't she have her keys? So she missed seminary class and just had to sit around until 7am to walk to school, we live across the street. (seminary is like 2.5 miles away thats why there's a carpool).

I originally wrote this for Krafty , (ok I can not believe this link worked)
Then I thought maybe someone else might like these ideas.

Here are some gift ideas for people you have to get gifts for, they pretty much work for any one and they come out looking relly cute, I am making some for ladies at church and some of my friends mothers & fathers & husbands, as well as extras to go with store bought gifts.
oh yeah --- keep a few handy for people who stop by unexpectedly.

  • 1st off we made mugs with packs of hot chocalate and candy (kisses& butterscoch& mints)& candy canes in them. wrapped in cello bags. I bought the mugs for about .50 ea at the thrift store, you can find all kinds of mugs to fit everyone or buy christmas mugs at any store and the candy at wal-mart, so total for these is about $1.50 (unless you buy more expensive mugs)

  • Then we made flower pens - take a pen and snip off the top of a fake flower with a little bit of stem & with floral wire attach flower to pen then wrap w/ floral tape covering all but the tip of the pen. Throw away the pen cap. You can fill a flower pot with dried beans arrange 10-15 pens in pot. looks pretty and you will always have a pen. These are great for the office. cost about $2.50 (buy all the stuff at walmart)

  • Then we made heating pads Just sew up some pretty material into a square, I forgot what the stuff we put in them is called but I know it came from the feed store, they hold heat when microwaved I think they cost about four or five dollars to make.

  • Lastly we took whisks ( the kind you use in the kitchen) put about 10 hersheys kisses in them ( if you want to be sure not to lose the kisses, put them in a sandwich bag 1st) Attach a note that says -- We whisk you a merry Kissmas. cost about $1.25
ps buy the whisks at the dollar store.

Hope you enjoy

My estranged husband came over and we went to my daughters winter concert, he was here, the concert was today so he came,I didn't plan this. I don't need him messin up my (lack of) action. Any way this is a whooole 'nother blog. stay tuned!

The concert was wonderful, my daughter is in a top notch band, and they blew my scoks off. they even had a dramatic reading of Twas the night befor christmas accompanied by the band (190 kids) I would love to show you guys their web site but I am "scary" of anyone knowing where my daughter goes too school. I donated a "Christmas" flower pot pens to the silent auction, It sold for 15.00. Not bad.

This was suspossed to be a short blog. Oh well.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Being a single mom can really suck sometime!

Now that I got that off my chest. I decided to decorate tonight, What a process.
  • 1st we had to dig out all the decorations - tell me why didn't I label the stupid rubbermaid boxes. We had to move like 20 boxes. I stuck a bunch of stuff outside with a free sign. That works in my 'hood.
  • Then we had to dig the tree out of the garage. We have too much crap. I guess this is what happens when you move in with your dad. Well I couldn't find the stand. Just my luck.
  • I started putting up other decorations. I found out I have five different kinds of nativities, I like them all so I put them all out kinda like a display. I aslo have a santa collection and a little trian I bought at the dollar store, It really goes around the tracks.

On to the drama,

I asked my kids, If they wanted to go buy a real tree, thinking this would be eaiser than putting up the fake one I WAS WRONG! I did get a good deal on the tree- a 6.5 foot douglas fir for only $17.95 at rite-aid. Then I had to load it into the van myslef& unload it at home,(my dad is ill, trust me he wanted to help) I did not know you had to saw a 1/4 inch off the bottom nor did I know how freakin hard it is! I am glad I am not a Lumber Jack. That crap took me a half an hour.

Nor did I know how hard it is to get the tree straight. Finally, I anchored it to the wall. That was about 45 mins.

After all this I have come to some conclusions:

#1 - I was lucky to grow up with a real father, he did all this& worked hard every day, same job for 30 yrs. My mom was able to be home with us.

#2 - I have great kids, they were very patient. My older daughter even put the lights on by herself.

#3 - My estranged husband (and most part-time, no-time dads) have no idea what Single Mothers go through. Everyday we are doing the work of 2 people, there is a reason it takes 2 people to concive a child.

I am happy to have the tree up. I looks pretty and now it feels like Christmas. I wish I could put some pics up maybe in the next fews days after we decorate it, I will.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I was a party animal this weekend.

This weekend, I went to 2 Christmas parties, the first one was held at my church.

It was really nice. The activity committe went all out. They did a wonderful job. There where lights strung across the celings and decorations all over the walls. Each table seated about 10 people and was decorated with a theam of "home for the holidays". They also took the time to set each place setting properly with real dishes, The way we do the food, is there is a set menu and people sign up to bing a certian dish. The menu was as follows:

Tri tip
Chicken breast
Baked potato or rice
Green bean cassarole
mixed veggies
mac and cheese
Bread pudding
Cookies W/ ice cream.
I made two green bean cassaroles, I have to say it was my first time and I am not a big fan. I like my GB plain w/ a little butter. I also made bread pudding, I got the recipe from Martha Stewart and it was really good.
After the eating we had a program consisting of a duet of : Mary did you know? and a skit with sing alongs. It was a grandmother teaching her 5 grandchildren the meaning of Christmas. We sang:
Little town of bethleham
Away in a manger
It came upon a midnight clear
Frosty the snowman
Joy to the world
There were also, family activty folders and crayons on the table to keep the little ones busy. Then while desert was being served in walked Santa, played by our bishop. The kids loved it they all got to sit and take a picture and tell him what they wanted. As I have said before my daughter is always late, so guess who was last in line-- my two girls. Well My baby wanted nothing to do with Santa and screamed bloody murder the entire time, but she got her candy cane and said through her tears-- Tank u santi. (thank you santa)
Then on sunday night my friend Joanna had invited us to her Chirstmas party, she is a different religion but we basically believe the same things, and I am a pretty open minded person, so really don't care what religion you are - as long as you don't scrafice cats or eat babies. ( I have one of each) I like to support my friends.
Side note: Joanna also came to the party at my church.
At her party there where about 30 tables (the rectanlgle kind in rows of 3) with garland down the middle. Looked pretty. They had a potluck so there was everything form lumpia to broccili salad, palobak, potato salad, lasanga, fired rice ( made by me) chicken rice soup, waldorf salad (yummy) and cake, cookies and flan. and more.
After we ate, they had a tribute to the priest (father). He will be transferring in a few weeks, he has been with thier parish for 12 yrs. They gave him a nice gold watch. Then there was a raffel for prizes, My friend bought me 5 tickets, but I did not win. boo hoo. There was also a silent auction for homemade goods Joanna won a knitted scarf.
All in all, I have to say both parties were nice, It was good to get out and dress up my kids. Most Important to feel and celebrate the spirit of the holiday and the Birth of Jesus Christ.
I hope you all can enjoy the holidays - each in your own way, or the way of a friend.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Blog is the new Crack.

Ok I am sure you all Know what I mean. I cannot stay off of this thing. If I am not looking at blogs, blogs and more blogs. I am attempting to write some of my own.

I drempt in blog, I can not explain it but trust me. I even think in blog, People are going to get tired of me, I have more opinions now, than ever before.

I am even picking up some blog lingo in my every day conversation. (bad words included)

The bad part is -I am trying to make that list, alot of you have on the side with your fav blog sites and the weather. I can not figure it out. I went the to the help and everything I swear I am not dumb. :) I am sure some 12 yr old could come here and do it in 10 mins. Oh well One day.

Same for my pictures, thank you to everyone who too the time to look at my "my space".

I guess I have to read some more now. By the way, at least this is good pratice to get my typing skills back. For that inevitable day of work work work!

The 1 million things I need to do today. I think you'll like this.

(Please read the bottom its the real blog.)
1st off
Feed granpa & baby
give granpa medicine
Feed screaming cat
Go to the Dollar store.
My moms list:
5 boxes nutra sweet
3 coffee creamers
paper towels
sugar free candy
any SF products
My list :
Canned meat
Canned tomatos
Canned beans
Instant rice
SF candy and cookies
wrapping paper
doll toys
garbage bags
TP , napkins, paper plates and cups
baby wipes
baby tylenol
stocking stuffers
Next I need to go to Rite Aid:
pick up lotion for baby
inhaler for teen
Go to mall:
-buy mock sweater for my teens dress maybe shoes and pantyhose.
When I get home I need to finish:
washing dishes
do 5 loads laundry and put it away!
make dinner
make gifts for tonights craft night
Clean bed room; sort out books - magizines - papers, get rid of!
Go to craft night. & Enjoy my freinds.
Side note:
Now that I wrote this I have to say hats off to working Moms, I am able to stay home right now. but I worked for years and looking at my own list I don't know how I did it. if I had to go to work first, and then come home and do all this , I would need a Personal Assistant. In the next year I will have to go back to work, so I guess It will all get done. Don't get me wrong Being at home is no piece of cake either, I am expected to do a whole lotta stuff that annoys me (i.e. my teen always forgets something, and wants me to bring it to her, as well as having to cook 3 times a day plus snacks. Not mention entertaining a 65 yr old and a 2 yr old.)
I guess being a women is just hard --- work.
So hats off to Mom's all over!!

Top 10 things that scare the crap out of me!

10. The police in my rear view mirror. (I follow the law, I just think it's an instilled fear. I even have a friend who is an officer. I just don't need a DWB)

9. 15-20 yr old boys. ( I have a 15 yr old girl)

8. An empty wallet. ('nuf Said)

7. Losing my cell phone. (Either lost or turned off)

6. spiders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Not getting old. (sounds wierd hun?)

4. Star Jones- matter of a fact all them, of the except Joy.( The View is on right now)

3. Germs!! (I have large size 40oz hand sanitizer in every room. and lysol. I was the dishes with bleach. &I check, my familys hand when they come out of the bathroom)

2. My 2 yr old getting out of the house alone. ( Trust me she tries, I have had to put extra locks on the doors)

1. Hospitals, Doctors, Dentists and Illnesses.

So what are yours, Even if its just a few or more let me know.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Wanna see some pics of me? or go to and look up mommy's world. Since I can not figure out how to pics on my blog.

A to Z -

A to Z
A is for age -32
B is for Booze - not at all
C is for Career - mommy and nurse to my daddy
D is for Dad's name - John (the 6th, my bro is the 7th)
E is for Essential items to bring to a party - diapers and a sippy cup ( these days its all toddler parties)
F is for Favorite song at the moment - I am so out of it ? We belong together.
G is for Goof off thing to do - read blogs
H is for Hometown - Philly but grew up in the Ca bay area
I is for Instument you play - I once played the flute.
J is for Jam or Jelly you like - Strawberry jam
K is for Kids - 2 princesses
L is for Living Arrangement - My girls and my Dad -
M is for Mom's name - Sunny
N is for Names of best friends -Andrea and Joanna
O is for Overnight hospital stays -When I had my girls
P is for Phobias - Bugs I hate um, and Germs!!!!!! hot days.
Q is for Quote you like - But for the grace of God go I. And Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.
R is for Relationship that lasted longest - My husband 10 (long)years.
S is for Siblings - 1 little Brother.
T is for Texas, ever been? - Yes, To met my future inlaws. So it was awhile ago. Did I mention it was hot!!!
U is for Unique trait - I can find anything for cheaper than you got yours, to the point where I have lost friends. So I stopped telling people but I still know mine cost less. Dont get me started.
V is for vegetable you love - All of them, This week I am in a califlower mood.
W is for Worst Trait - I can sometimes be opinonated.
X is for X-rays you've had - In Nov. I had 2 one for my ankle I tripped in a hecka high heels Sometimes I think Im Mariah. In the same week I fell in walmart and had to get one on my elbow. What a klutz!!
Y is for Yummy - according to my daughters I make alot of yummy stuff.
Z is for Zodiac - Cancer and yes its all ture.
Tag your it.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I guess I need to work on my love life.

This Is My Life, Rated
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Friday, December 02, 2005

How much is a wafffel? Just try and guess.

Ok, I went to IHOP with my dad today, because he wanted to have a waffel. How much could a waffel cost? 1.99? 2.99? I don't know? Couldn't be too expensive, I order with out asking and usally am a big ole penny pincher, but for once I did not want to look like a broke B. We order 1 waffel each (3) one for baby, and a sprite, an ice tea and a cup of fruit. When we get the bill, I notice it is like 27 something. So I look at it closer, Drink 1.89 ea, ok that's normal. 3.49 for a cup of grapes, one cube of melon and 2 slices orange. 5.99 ea for waffels !!! WT...... . I should have ordered a full meal. Now we eat out alot so, I know you have to pay for service, and we always tip 20%. but come on 5.99 for a waffel, am I being petty? For the cost of 3 waffels I could have bought a waffel maker. guess it's just a lesson. I don't even know why I am mad my dad paid.

Mickey Mouse ???!!!!!

Mickey Result
Mickey Mouse

Which DISNEY character are you most like?
brought to you by I got this from CharlesX, I can not believe it. Mickey is my least fav.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

TV is my best friend.

This week I watched alot of TV.

I don't even know where to begin.

King of Queens --- Why are all the dudes on this show wearing 50 cent shirts ?????????
I mean I know Deacon is black -I kinda like like him.

Martha- She is upsetting me, I expected more.

Oprah - I had to change the channel, You just can't watch a show about porn with your dad in the room.

Tyra - I am not feelin her show and I am trying - I am really trying. The whole superhead episode- What a waste of my time no revalations. I read the book. She treated her like crap. Then Dennis Rodman comes out, Talks about the same stuff (being a hoe) and she is jockin him!!, What is that! Tyra is on high horse. (I am not buying her in the new Vickkis commertial, either.) I turned after this.

The biggest loser- Ok I am guilty, I watched every episode of this show and I really like it. It is crazy to see these people transform, Well, Except for the one chick who only lost 16lbs. She coulda done that at home. I could not belive black dude lost 185 lbs, how is that even possible.

The Office - wasn't on this week because of TBL. It is really funny, more so if you have worked in an office before.

Court Tv I have been Watching the trial du'jour. In the morning.

The Apprentice -- I really enjoy this one (trump). I love it when he fires 2 people at once. This week was really good 'cuz Alla, Just knew she was free and clear, When all of a sudden Trump says "sit down Alla" and proceeds too to fire her smug butt. Felisha looked like a little kid when they get that lollipop they where just told they couln't have. Well Randall better win or I might not watch the season.

I also like nick at night and Tv land.

Cheers is my all out fav. for reruns I watch it every night. It just feels right, I have been watching for so long.

I am starting to to watch Fraiser and Becker.

Well I don't want you to think, I lay around on my but all day, most of these shows are just background noise for my day.