Thursday, February 23, 2006

Help, I am at the library!!!

OK folks Why is my low budget, blog addictted butt up at the library use the internet!
My stuff is not working so here I am,

Child support court was very interesting I can not tell you the whole thing because the Library has a time limit (1 hour) and I an down to 31 mins, but me and Bd went together and we had to wait for 2hrs 45mins we got to here peeps drama some was hecka funny, do you know hard it is to not laugh laugh in court at some gettho baby daddy drama. (yes you get to listen) These men they all claim they have no income thats some bull!!!!!

Well any way, me and BD ended up settling on 300.00 a month for now. Seeing as I have 2 bd's (dont laugh) I will be recieving 300.00 from each one not to bad but best believe we will be going back to court next yr.

He was supposed to pay 475.00 but some how through, thier computations they decided that 300.00 was fair for now. I know this sounds like I am greddy but I live in Cali And it not cheap here.

He was kinda pouty after we left but he said he understands its not personal.

I watched AI last night I like #5,#6, #9, #8 , #11, #12 of the men, you know I had to include olboy fron cali up in there I was hecka down with the guy who sang wanted dead or alive and guy who looks old but is younger than me.

Man when your are on a time limit.....

Well I guess that is all for now I guess I will have to come back to the library tommorrow,

Man how did I become so ghetto!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I miss you Guys and Gals!!!!!!!

I have not been posting too much, because I have been having terrible back pain and headaches, I think it has to do with my sciatic nerve. I also have been to the Dr's a couple of times but they keep telling me it's stress.

I have to go to Child support court tomorrow Bd #2 ( my current husband) is ordered to pay 500.00 dollars a month, let's see what he ends up paying. BD #1 was ordered to pay 600.00 a month and got away with paying 300. The funny part is we are going together, since I can not drive for 3 more months. (That should be fun) He is coming over tonight to spend the night, we have to be there at 9am. He will be sleeping on the couch, no funny stuff.

I have been looking on Myspace there are a lot of fellas on there, but #1 - I am still legally married and #2 - I think I have lost my never cuz I am scared to meet some one online. Back in the day I would go anywhere and meet anyone.

My little one is doing good with her potty training, she is sitting and going at least once a day. She is still nursing everyday, I don't want to do too many things at the same time, so I think the potty training is the most important.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Funny clip to start out your week!

You have got ot watch this, it's too funny. Bad part is my 2 yr old swears it's me , I am not that chubby but my hair does look like hers, lets hope that's what it is!Enjoy.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy Valentines Day, Everyone!

For Valentines Day, I made gift bags for my friends and we are going to meet at Starbucks, in the morning and exchange gifts, it should be fun! I made bags for my girls and parents also. (mom if you are reading this yes I made you one I hope I can get it over there to give it to you, soon) Who Knows, I might but myself something, if I see something, I did get my nails done with the white tips and and picked up "co-ch" bag. (you can figure out why it has no a) It looks pretty good though. It is a good size too fits all the baby's stuff and mine! I am terrible I always buy myself gifts, maybe I am a brat, but I like things that, cost a little more than what people would really want to spend, and to be honest I don't want to have to reciprocte at that level. So every is happy!

My dad has been home since wedensday, he is feeling pretty good. I wasn't to thrilled with the Dr's they didn't tell us anything or change his meds, just sent him home. I know he will end up back, I just hope it won't be for a long time.

We went to the Zoo today, It was my 2 yr old daughter's first time at the Zoo, She loved it! Every animal, Every display, She was into it. This Zoo has a chidrens zoo with lots of hands on exhibits. and a ponds with man made lilly pads to walk across, ofcoarse my daughter had to step in it 3 times on-purpose!

Since it was her first trip, I let her get a monkey watch and a elephant and tiger finger puppet and a bookmark with all the animals on it, she also picked out tiger bookmark and butterfly toe ring for her sister.

I am usally a cheapskate when it comes to gift shops, cuz I can find most of the things they sell at the thrift stores, but sometimes you have to let the kids have the experience of the real "gift shop".

Is anybody eles watching the Olympics, I saw some of the skating and those snowboarding hippys-- meant with love. I might watch some more, who knows!
Speaking of tv, Boondocks was funny. I think flavor of love is over they got rid of hottie and smiley. On MTV that "The Shop" is odd, I dont like it, also "game killers" is a wierd. Now I know why I don't watch MTV. I still like my reruns, cheers, sienfield, rosanne, fresh prince.

Monday, February 06, 2006

The Weekend

The party was a success, they kids all behaved and everyone told me they had fun. My older daughter and I worked our butts off and it was worth it, the baby has been going around telling everyone its my birthday.

She loved all her gifts, my friend all got her clothes and some little toys, I had told everyone she does not need any toys, My Dad bought her some dora shoes and scoks, My Mom got her some blocks and a really cute Elmo music/coloring book. My husband got her a dora chair, which she loves she screamed and hugged it when she saw it. Myself and my daughter picked her out some toys a CPK kid and a memory game, some dora slippers, and some other things.
I am glad I did simple but good food it was all laid out so when people came in the could just eat.

There was a funny part when we sang happy birthday a little boy blew out the candle so we relit it and my daughter blew it out then he cried, he is only 2 so he didnt know any better.

The Party lasted about 2 hours which I think is perfect for little ones and then we still had the rest of the saturday left, we went out to dinner and my daughter got her hair done in long layers.

In the moring when the baby woke up she said come on sister lets go see my birthday party, she loves the ballons and the decorations so I am going to leave them up for a few days.

On sunday I went to church and my dad called me and said he did not feel well and would I come home so I did and we ended up going to the ER, We waited for 1.5 hrs to be seen, it was a full house.

They all know my dad B/C he has been in the hospital so much in the past 3 yrs. So they took him back and then did a compleate work up on him turns out his blood sugar was critically high , his blood Count was reallly low so he needed a transfusion and his amoina leves were really high so they started him on some lactose to bring them down, needless to say he is in the ICU, I am going back when my older one gets home from school, Last night the baby was really concerned for her grandpa or Bapa as she calls him. She wore his hat home and told him she would bring it back tommorrow, She is real protective of her family and did not want any one to touch her bapa but I explainned that the doctor was going to make her bapa feel better, she understands the her bapa is sick she will ask him if he needs help and put her hand out to help him off the sofa.

I guess its because he has been sick all her life the 1st year of her life we were in the hospital at least once a month, and then he would be there for 3-5 days each time, I am the kind who camps out at the hospital , my kids know how to pack a bag ( snacks, toys, books, blanket) cuz they know we are going to be there awhile.

I like to make sure I get all the info and ask the Drs questions. My dad might forget or something. Well you are probably wondering what is wrong with him, He is on the liver transplant list for chirrosis of the liver and he has diabetes, he did not get diagnosed with the liver problem for a long time because they just thought it was the diabetes at first and he was not a big drinker and once he was diagnosed with the diabetes he stopped drinking even socially.

I could fill pages with all that we have gone through in the past 3yrs but I will spare you, but if you ever need to know any thing about liver failure please ask. I can tell you what to ask the doctor and what are some of the early signs, one thing I can say is be careful with your drinking, cirhosis of the liver is no joke. Only 1/3 of the people who need livers will get one and the whole give someone a part of your liver thing is not as easy as it sounds.

Sorry to be so dramatic but I see people drinking and dirinking and not knowing that in 25 yrs when they are getting ready to retire and and enjoy thier grandkids they will be too sick to even pick them up. Never mind that medicare does not cover the medicine they will need, My Dad has to pay for that out of his pension. His wasn't preventable from what we know, but cirhosis from alcohol is.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Happy 2nd Birthday, Caitlyn !!!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Well yesterday I turned into Japanese day.
I went to lunch with my 2 yr old, We went to The Sushi Boat, It was really good I love those little boats with all the yummy sushi floating past. We had a little of each. I also had the salad, I do not know what that dressing is but it is the best.

After lunch we where walking past the movie theater (they are right next to each other) and I decided to go in, Now I have never gone to a movie by myself (yes I had my little one but I mean some one to talk to or decide on the move with) so as corny as it sounds, it was kinda exciting.

We saw Memoirs of a Geisha, I am sure all the people in there where like great a baby, but she did pretty good, I bought her some candy and some sunny D, not a good idea she threw up, but other than that she did good and fell asleep half way through the movie.

The movie was good, now I did read the book about 4 yrs ago, so I knew what they left out. But I still did enjoy the movie, I rarely go to the movies but, I would see this agian or buy the dvd. It is a sort of cinderella story; if you will. By the way, Ken Watanabe is hot. If you are guy and are looking to see cute asian women half naked, don't go see this movie that's not what it is about! Ladies this is the kind of movie to see with your girlfreinds. All in all, I give it 9 out of 10.

Ps. Read the Book

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
My older daughter has switched over to the French Horn, Yesterday was her first day with the instrument. I think it is pretty, I dont know about the sound yet. She is excited, she says she hated the clairenet. I hope she does well.

Tommorrow is the baby's 2nd b-day, so I have to get everything done today, as the party is at noon, tommorrow. I will post about that on monday. It should be fun!

Side note: This is the coolest thing, I bought it at rite aid after Christmas for 75% off and just started using it this week, you can mix your smoothie or anything right in the cup then turn it over put on a ring and drink up. I am sure you have seen the infomercial, late at night!

If I don't blalk to you, have a great weekend.
Blalk = (blog+talk)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

It's almost #2's Big day!
She's going to be 2! (already)
I was just yesterday that I brought her home.
It goes by so fast, I remember when i could not put her down, and I had to take the worlds fastest showers and she would not take bottle until she was 5 months. Now she is talking in full sentences telling us what she wants for dinner and what we are going to watch on TV. I will have to do a full post on her milestones on her birthday. But for now here is the birthday run down!!!

We are having a sesame street party for her, she loves her some SS. Believe it or not it is hard to find party supplies with all the characters on them most are Elmo olny and I wanted the whole gang. So I did find some plates, cups and napkins with Elmo, Big bird and Cookie Monster on them, At the dollar store( that place never fails me) I went to the party store 1st and they only had elmo or items with one of the SS monsters on them and they are 3.59 ea pack of 8 vs 1.00 a pack of 8 at the dollar store. I got the all the little toys and candy for the gift bags and red and yellow utensils and a red and a blue table cloth. I did get the Ernie gift bags, Zowie napkins, the Happy birthday banner and SS steamers at the party store. I ordered ballons at the party store and a giant Dora ballon, I know she's not from Sesame street, But when we where at the party store she really loved that ballon.
My husband also bought her a bubble blowing machine its pretty cool it blows about 100 bubbles a minute. I think the kids will love it.
I am going to bake and decorate the cake myself I bought some Elmo, cake toppers and today I am going to look for some other characters to add to it.

The kids are all 4 and under so, I am going to let them decorate a foam door knob hanger with some of those foam sickers and glitter and When they 1st arrive there will be crayons and SS pics to color on the coffee table. After they eat (depending) I also have a little tub of playdo for each of them.

Its at lunch time, So for the kids, Crustless PB& J, Cantalope and grapes and juice or milk.
For the adults , a veggie tray, pinwheel sandwiches, hummus and pita bread and juice, soda and bottled water to drink.

I am also going to get her a pinata, if I find a SS one. Seeing as the kids are so little I will probably just let them grab a couple of hand fuls of candy out of it.

The gifts:
After Chritmas, I hit the 75% off sales and picked her up a bunch of toys, I even got a cabbage patch kid for 75% off.
^^^This is the party I "planned".^^^
We shall see how it really turns out seeing as I will have a 4 yr old, three 3 yr olds, three 2 yr olds, and a special needs 7 yr old, and a 11 month old and thier parents my parents and my 15 yr old. It may be kids running around screaming knock & my Dad's thrift store finds onto the floor. :)

Has any else braved the 2 yr old b-day party, how did it go?