Friday, September 22, 2006

I missed you guys... I have been doing so much, lately. I started a new new job. I left the job at the school it was a really hard decision, I loved the kids, even the little bad ones. and the staff they are just the nicest group of people. I told them I could sub for them on my days off.

But I had to look out for my own children and this new position seemed, like a good opportunity, I am doing fraud prevention. It is pretty cool.

Between the two jobs in the past month I have been finger printed, TB tested and security tested, sheesh! I am good to go!

My car is still broken, I will have to wait on that for a minute, It is going to be between $700.00-$1100.00 to get the repairs done. If anyone knows how much a clutch in a Camry should cost let me know so I do not get ripped off.

The bus.... the bus... the bus... do not get me started! It sucks. I can barely get 15 mins away in one hour. ridiculous!

If any one has the link for Mwabi or Krafty Koolbreeze hook me up, I lost 'em and I dont want to have to do a search! Thanks in advance.

Ps baby is enjoyng school and her big sis is on time everyday so far (Knock on wood) must be a cute boy in 1st period LOL

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Of all the days to go...

The day before my first day at my new job, my car's clutch gave out. Not only did it go out but it went out on the other side of the bay. So I had to get towed across the bridge, luckily it was only $90.00, trust me I called around and the was the cheapest.

Good thing is my friend and her husband where in the car behind me, took my kids and myself home. Even let me borrow their 2nd car for the 1st day of work. Work was cool, I work at an elementry school and the little kids are very interesting and so cute.

My exhusband watched my little one(he works eveings), he acts like he is doing so much. I "watch" her everyday. When will men understand. He knows I don't have anyone to watch her tommorrow - think he volunteered- NO. Oh well I shall figure it out.