Saturday, October 21, 2006

new stuff

I have been at my new job for about a month now it is cool, the ladies there are cool there are 4 "sisters" there that keep the day entertaining! the only bad part is not enough hours! I got my car fixed cost about 8 hun... but a girl (with kids) has got to have a ride I also got a new purse D& B it is pink.

My litttle is adjusted to child care I just do not get the "woman" in charge-- but really that is a whole blog for another day. The other ladies are great and my daughter loves them, she knows everyones name she is such a little star, when we are leaving she has to say bye to everyone and they all know her even in the other class. ok I will stop bragging.

My older ones band is off to another winning year - yeah! They have won their 1st competition and have one saturday I will up date "when" they win!

oh yea... I bought a crockpot so we can have some hot home cook meals this winter, I had an old one but I did not like to leave the house with that one plugged in.

I must say I really do miss blogland and I am going to try keep up a little more I think it really is a positive activity -- thanks for reading I have to go catch up on my reading....