Friday, August 12, 2011

Drinks Anybody?

I have been posting what we eat but what about drinks....Well for the most part we drink H20.

  • Water. Sometimes we add crystal lite for a treat. 
  • I also like coconut water a couple of times a week.
  •  Occasionally  pick up a gourmet soda as a treat and we share it.
  •  Some mornings we have Ovaltine, I will have to  do a post on that....

Groundhog Day

Wed and Thurs was like a repeat of Tuesday, but that's part of a pantry challenge. 

Menu for wedensday:

BF-Pumpkin muffins

Caitlyn had Tuna patsa before going to the babysitters house.
I made a hummus sandwich = whole wheat bread spring mix & hummus!

Then we headed off into the big world Missy got to play with her friends at the babysitters and I got to get some stuff done. After I picked her we headed over to Target to look at school supplies. They had sharpeners for .20 and those big pink erasers. Pencils for .50 and Comp books for .40 ... not bad. I may have been talked in to some squinkies but I plead the 5th on that one.

While we where at Target, My friend Joanna called and invited us to pizza, so we had to go. Its a fun little place with games for the kids (not the dreaded mouse place, trust me I do my best not to step foot in to that place!)

Thursday was an off day, we started with muffins again (don't worry we are almost out of them) I made another egg dish for lunch, the thing I like about eggs is you can eat them often and they can taste different all the time. Today I made them with sauteed broccoli and mushrooms and topped with some Pepper Jack cheese. We had seedless watermelon on the side. TJs has a great price on them 3.50!
Missy had tuna pasta salad and broccoli salad with some peanut dressing.

When we reconvened for Dinner we were blessed enough to be taken out for Five Guys, they have some of the best burgers and fries!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I have pictures!!!

Tuesday went well, I cooked all of our meals at home from Items we have had on hand, for those of you not familiar with "A Pantry Challenge" Here is a link. Read it after you finish this post ;)

To begin BF, we had eggs, I bought 3 dozen at the 99cent store. I used eggs, mushrooms, salsa, s+p, a little olive oil and Monterrey jack cheese. ( no mushrooms in caitlyn's eggs) 

 Doesn't look so pretty but it tasted great!
 Served with peaches.
I ended up making a 2 for 1,  Pasta salad w/ tuna & peas.

 It's yummy but more for a child's taste. Caitlyn
 There was plenty for lunch, dinner and leftovers.

I made a pumpkin cupcakes/muffins for snacks, it came out to about 20 cupcakes/muffins.
Just a box of cake mix, a can of pumpkin. (ps don't tell I added chocolate chips)
We had some for  BF this Morning ;)
I'm thinking of making a roast, maybe Thursday or Friday. We'll see....

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Am I too late...The pantry challenge, Summer 2011

Well I have been meaning to do a pantry challenge for sometime now and today is the day!

  • How many days do you think we can last... Are there any exceptions ie: eggs, bread or milk, or do you think it going to the store breaks the challenge?

  • I will list what we had along with a pic and The ingredients used.

Here's what we had today:(I didn't take any pics but I will from this point forward.)

Day 1 - we got a late start today. 

For our Breakfast Lunch: Left over Spaghetti, its so yummy the next day! I used WH pasta and an organic sauce from Fresh and Easy, w/ 1/3 lb of ground turkey. 

Late Midday: Smoothie  3 cups soymilk, 1 frozen banana, cocoa powder (eyeballed) 1 pack truvia, mix all in blender.  serves 2

Dinner: Omelette 2 egg whites & 1 whole egg 1/2 cup sauteed mushrooms and a little mozzarella + salsa. Plus a few salt free chips with salsa.

Since I didn't take any pics today, here are some other dishes I have made in the past to get you in food mood! 

mmm Turkey

Farmers Market Goodies
Salmon w/ wh pasta and broccoli