Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We all have the same goal

I spent about 3 hours upstairs with my neighbors, who happen to be Muslim, we talked about Boston and about how we had both hoped the bombers were not Muslim because it affects how people look at them versus how it would be if it was a christian or a catholic or another race.
I really enjoy spending time with their family, they have 5 kids who are so well behaved.  They would give you the shirt off of their back.
I told them I had to go and feed Caitlyn dinner and the husband said "no don't leave, we will feed you our best food". His wife then made us an entire tray of dinner and dessert and drinks.
We talked about so many topics, they are so well versed in History and religion and politics. The interesting and sad thing is , he brought up internment camps and said that is something that they think about. He also told me how after the Boston Bombings the department of homeland security called the Fremont Mosque and told them if they received any threats to let them know and they would send someone out to help keep them safe. He said that was very reassuring.
He also told me , how they limit where the go because his wife wears the full headdress and that he does not want her to wear it but she wants to. She was telling me she feels so naked without it and asked me why is it the other women can walk around with everything showing but it is not okay for her to cover up. I told her , this is a free country and she is free to dress how ever she wants. Then her husbands started laughing and said "Noooo, I want her to be American, she needs to fit in". Sorry but I really can't tell another woman to take off her Hijab....I told him I see both sides but it is up to her.
 When I was leaving they were getting ready to pray and he told me come back anytime, if you need anything and we have it, it is yours. "I am your brother and she is your sister. It does not matter if you are Christian and I am Muslim, we have the same goal, to be good people and to do what God wants us to do. Great Night spent with Great People